Skylights ...
They're what
we do best!!


Few things bring out the beauty and luster in home decor like natural lighting. Install a skylight and this window to the world is sure to lighten your interior and improve ventilation.  Skylights increase the value of the home by adding a dramatic beauty to rooms.

As homes get larger, lots get smaller, and many windows face surrounding houses. Residential skylights can give you an unobstructed view of the sky.  You can choose operable skylights units which have remote controls so you can also enjoy increased ventilation and fresh air.

There are remote-controlled shades and blinds available for skylights, and you can even operate the skylight and blinds with the same remote. Shades can be placed on the inside and outside of the home, maximizing climate control and blocking more light when desired.

Tubular Skylight Assembly


Enjoy the brilliance of Solar Lighting in any dark room of your home, office or industry.

Our models are designed low profile for better appearance and are manufactured to meet building codes for the home owner's peace of mind.


Dome AssemblyThe Dome Assemly is a high implact acrylic with UV stabilizers, is vacuum-formed and seal locked onto an aluminum dome ring.

The Flashing is a seamless one-piece non-corrosive aluminum. It's 4" wide base all around seals securely onto the roof and it's made pitched, flat (4", 6", 8" heights) and curb for the best fit on your roof. It can also be spray painted to match any roof color.

light and elbow tubesOur Light Tube is MiroSilver anodized aluminum with 98% reflectivity, rolled and crimped.

The elbows are made at 30, 45, and 90 degree angles.

The Ceiling Kit comes in all aluminum trim and decrative ring. The Decorative ring is powder-coated white and interlocks with trim right for easy cleaning.

Double Glazed DiffuserThe Double Glazed Diffuser has a vacuum-formed, high impact acrylic, clear and decoragive layer. Our Diffuser options include: Prismatic & white, Flat or Domed, and Ultra Bright.

Coverage Area For Sizes

150 Sq. Ft.
250 Sq. Ft.
400 Sq. Ft.
500 Sq. Ft.
600 Sq. Ft.


  • Consider skylight location carefully. When well-planned, skylights can complement existing windows.
  • Always make sure you want light where the skylight is going to be.
  • The quality of the skylights you choose is also as important as the hiring of your professional installer.
  • With 20 Years of experience we can assist you with suggestions and placement ideas.
  • Always start with your free quote and consultation from O'Reilly & Son's.